Hey there, this is Robby's blog.


2:06AM (Hamilton, OH)

I open up this little text file on my desktop to give updates then I upload it to the internet for you to see!
My digital 'professional diary' that I bet no-one reads.
3 years later and it has just been a real shit of a mess... I'm jumping right back into the madness.
I'd start to get all personal and go on about my own personal problems but the fact of the matter is
what is going on right now and that is PRODUCTION!
I just posted the "There's No Speed Limit in the Grass" LP online on Thursday.
I can't believe it really took 5 years after we started recording the tracks to get it released in some form.
I could go on about all of the random setbacks but that would be stupid and a waste.
I'm all about being conservative but I'm a hardcore liberal socialist *badum tiss*
Coming up soon will be the mixing and posting of the LAST WAVE EP by Atomic Potato.
I have a new band right now and we are called SAGERMEN.

We will be playing shows and touring very soon and I am very excited about it.
Scott Lewis is playing drums, Billy Menke (co-founder) is supporting on guitar, keys and vocals
This music is really no holds barred new-wavey synth punk and ska to boot.
Don't be alarmed though, it doesn't mean I've given up on Atomic Potato all together.
We are planning on putting all of our albums out on vinyl and playing more shows to support the material.
I can't wait until I start playing shows again because it has been a real grip and depressing having
not done one in so long...
Welp... until next time,


9:16pm: (Newport, KY)

But less about me and more about what the band has going recently:
'No Bad Romance' the mystical follow up track on the Last Wave EP came out of left field and is now a thing
The Guitars, Bass and drums have been arranged and the horns need work and the vocals need redone...
Demos for the Redemption LP are in the works and I see us returning to the studio very soon pending
finances, while it's not a thing to me... I'd prefer to record something organic sounding again as opposed
to the mechanical drum machine that powers a majority of our demos and most of our small Brainwreck EP
More to come soon, as long as I can keep my head out of the clouds
-a very tired and mellowed out Robby


9:16pm: (Newport, KY)

Stress is getting the better of me,
We have shows coming up at the end of this month. We are still transitioning at the moment and we have Scott Meadows filling in on guitar
I, Robby am currently playing the bass guitar and singing. I'm going to try and not suck.
Currently, our summer tour dates are 0% booked because of complacency and lack of consistency with band activities and members.
My goal is to still get out and play shows around the country this summer, and the job I currently have is beating me up pretty bad.
I need to sort out my life a bit here and then maybe all of this will clear out...
Or this just fizzles out and I grow old and die dissappointed and depressed.
I'm not sure what is meant to be and what is just idealistic optimism. I don't really believe anything is actually meant to be. Things just are the way they are.
And I still have 2 loads of laundry to dry out. Yay, life!
You should check out our merch store HERE
Buy something from us, eh? I'll send it to you myself, shipping is cheap. BR PROD 2012!!!
Until next time,


11:11pm: (Newport, KY)

I want to get plenty of sleep but I'll make this short and sweet.
The Worthmores were added to Partyfest 2012 and skakills.com has been altered slightly...
The webstore should be up this weekend if not by mid-week next week.
Pages 3-4 of Black&Bloo have been uploaded to the comic book section.
More things to come this weekend! Working on cover songs, new songs. Our CD's for "Who Killed Robby Sager?!" are expected to arrive Monday or Tuesday...
Be sure to grab a copy (at the show preferably!... but afterwards you'll be able to order a copy from our webstore!) the T-shirts will be there too!
See you very soon,


11:50pm: (Newport, KY)

I am so... tired.
I'm chilling in the house and I am planning to awake at 5am.
Then I will be off to another day over at Amazon.com.
It's been getting tough with the increase of activity with the band and all of the work outside of my dayjob continues to pile up.
I'm really excited for next week though...

The new Atomic Potato album "Who Killed Robby Sager" is being pressed as we speak and should arrive early in the week and ready to get out into
people's hands and into their ears. I'm pretty proud of the product overall, and it's just another step in the saga.
The first place anyone will be able to pick up a copy will be at PARTYFEST 2012 . A basement show we're doing with friends, it's uhh... here:

MARCH 31st, 2012 8PM $5 BYOS

I updated my comic "Black & Bloo" again tonight, page two is inked and uploaded. The ultimate goal is to get to page 100 before this summer, I might lose my fucking mind.
Couple that with writing for the next Atomic Potato LP, arranging music and producing a super sick 2 Song EP called "The Last Wave the World Will Ever See" and finishing "There's no Speed limit",
getting our summer tour booked, getting a new van, going to the Big Easy and the Big Apple this spring...
it's going to be a real test of nerves, pin-point time management skills and my fragile human body.
Our online store will be up soon @ Bigcartel and direct links will be available from facbeook, bandcamp and skakills.com!
The front page should be getting a minor revamp and we'll actually be somewhat accessible to people!
I Hate Music, Music Hates Me! should be getting back on track very soon and we'll be resuming with "E (underground)"

-robby out


9:30pm: (Newport, KY)

Umm, yes... another absense for a long while. No excuses, just complacency.
I've been working at amazon.com for the last few months, and when I started working there I had a really hard time adjusting to the drastic change in my daily life that working 40-48 hours per week brings.
I think I've got a pretty good handle on it now and I'm going to try to keep our shit updated as often as I can!
Tonight, I finished the next review in my series on Blogspot. I Hate Music!... Umm I'll just go through a list of things that have been going on in the last couple of months.

- Atomic Potato played two really amazing shows in November at Galaxy CD's with Matt Wixson, Loudmouth, The Taste of Irony; and at Blind Bob's with Downtown Brown and the Get Ups!
- In the middle of November we started recruiting for a new drummer due to Scott's work complications and schedule. We ended up going with this kid named Billy Menke!

see middle kid with the bongos!

- We recorded a song about "Festivus" for a holiday compilation that was released by New Fidelity Productions and kidsfed.org, you can still go there and make a donation to help the cause!

- We started teaching Billy songs and in only about a couple of weeks he managed to learn some of the newer ones well enough and we went and started recording our 2nd LP!

(Billy on drums in the studio!)

- We finished tracking in the studio after only a few sessions and we started doing mixing and adding some auxilary parts/clips etc. this month !
- On New Years Eve we put out a digital mini-LP/EP on Bandcamp.com called the "Brainwreck EP" go check it out here!

- We've been mixing our new LP this month, I do believe it will be out soonish... We should be playing shows again very soon!... also, we might get a record label or somethin!
- Billy works at Long John Silvers in North College Hill, go get some fish or something... Ben is going back to school. Luke is still in Bellbrook doing school and whatnot.
--- Our practice space flooded today and needed a plumber! So yeah... we need practice.

I'll return soon,


12:30pm: (Hebron, KY)

Well, another long absense again... yikes. I'm really sorry about that but I can assure you, I've been just as busy as ever and the band is on the right track... We're all getting
our shit together, saving up money and getting prepared for the rest of this fall's shows and for the recording of our next full length LP which is currently titled "Who Killed Robby Sager",
a collection of songs that we wrote between December 2009 and Summer 2010. The 12 track album will also include cover songs of "Uncivil Union" by Matt Wixson and "Methlabs & Bookstores"
by Chris Burrows from Tazmania. This record was first imagined around March 2010 and unfortunately has been pushed back and back with the extended duration of the recording of "TNSLiTG"
and then the unexpected "Atomic Brainwreck" EP. But you should expect this to be the tightest, best sounding Atomic Potato record yet and we are seriously hoping to have it all wrapped up
and ready to go by Christmas. It should be pretty special.

As for "No Speed Limit" We are still trying to get the guest vocals recorded and then it will be mixed and mastered with Alex Fraser of New Fidelity studios and we're seriously hoping to have that
packaged up and done for good by mid-November. The "Atomic Brainwreck" EP is all done being recorded (Save a couple of vocal re-dubs and harmonies). I'm really hoping to have those songs all
finished and put onto CD-R's by our show November 9th @ Galaxy in Hamilton, OH. The Artwork is done, this EP was all a DIY effort with all songs written by me (Robby) and then the bonus track
"Paper Clips and Coffee Mugs" is almost another entire EP by itself with a lot of cover songs and fun/exciting stuff. You should expect the best of us! The only thing about "Brainwreck" is that
the drums are totally FEAUX, But also awesome, they are composed entirely of samples but were mixed professionally in pro-tools and it sounds like a pretty huge production even though everything
else was done using a Shure SM-57 microphone and some direct line-in bass guitar. Overall, not too shabby!

Oh, and the Atomic Potato is back in full swing with two shows coming up soon... 11/9/2011 - Galaxy in Hamilton, OH and 11/12/2011 - Blind Bob's in Dayton, OH (21+) please come check us out!

Laters, Robby



Sorry about the absence, dear readers.

The last 3 weeks or so have been all kinds of hell and I had surgery on the 24th of August and the week or so after that I spent in bed/on the couch just taking lots of
pain meds and playing Nintendo to keep my mind off of the ridiculous pain going on in my ankle/foot. Well, now it seems to be really clearing up and I'm feeling pretty good today.
Good enough to even blog!!! Woah! Uhh, yeah also, this morning I recorded a new demo for the song "Robby Sager is Dead" which I wrote around January 2010 when my roommate went up
to Michigan to a show and some partying etc. with my ex-girlfriend. I was having a really shitty time and that weekend was as close as I ever got to even flirting with the idea of
suicide or self-harm. It wasn't pretty, but it turned out a decent song I think? The end of the song basically sums up that weekend. I went to work pretty drunk off of Jack that I
hid in my jacket and after my shift was over I went back to the house and played XBox with Joey and life just felt not so bad again. Noone should ever feel the way I did then, and I
pray that people pay more attention to their friends if they start showing any of the signs of it. This song doesn't advocate suicide, its just a summary of how I was feeling at the
time, which was DEAD to almost everyone I knew: family, friends, and ex-girlfriends etc. etc. some pretty heavy NOFX and Big D influence but overall it feels like a pretty unique song.
It is going to appear on the full length record "Who Killed Robby Sager?" which we'll be recording with everyone here this fall. When I first wrote it I really hoped it would end up on
a Community Records compilation or something *cough* heh ;)

Here is the new demo for "Robby Sager is Dead!"

The Brainwreck EP is almost 100% done! Its just missing a couple of gang vocal parts which should be recorded here in the next week or so...

The Speed Limit LP is still awaiting the guest vocals and then it will also be ready to mix down and be mastered professionally as well. So we definitely have our hands full for a bit here!
I should be getting back to doing the "I hate Music Blog" maybe tomorrow? The next review will be of Cee Lo Green's latest release. Its pretty funny the last time I did a review video was
the day that I had my accident. I was obviously not having the greatest day and it had a pretty awful conclusion!... The next few pages of my graphic novel should also be appearing online soon. Oh and the first official Atomic Potato Bandcamp page is up! You can find it here: Bandcamp! Life is Grand EP will be up on that page as well probably tonight.

Until next time,
Robosag... Out.




Hey, so yesterday I had a bit of an accident. I was riding my bike up OH-129 when I switched a gear and then the chain broke (Probably because I was pushing too hard),
then I went tumbling down a hill and twisted up my ankle really bad. I hung out in the ER for a few hours and found out that it is nothing terribly serious. I won't
need any surgery but I do have to go back and see a bone doctor. Anyways, I'm currently on vicodin and it is just all kinds of fun. Today wasn't the most productive
of days but I did get some acoustic guitar recorded which you can hear Here and Here! Sounds ok I guess, I'm not a professional mixer/producer by any means but it
actually turned out better than I first thought it would. While I was in the waiting room at the hospital I got about 3 more drafts for the next few pages of the
"Bloo" comic which you can see here. I'm gonna try to get a bit more rest tonight and tomorrow morning I'm going to pick up Lukas O. Shows and bring him down to Hamilton
to lay down some bass for the Brainwreck EP and then probably give him some vocal things to record. "There's No Speed Limit in the Grass" is about 90% done right now, it
the only things that are missing are guest vocals and a few keyboard parts and sound clips! It is kinda sick that this record has been in the making for 3 years officially
now but finishing it is pretty satisfying. After this is done we will start working on "WKRS" the 2nd full length record (Completely unrelated to Brainwreck) We started writing
this record around December 2009 and it features songwriting by Ben Idle and Scott Lewis (and me). I'm currently in the initial stages of writing a new record codenamed
"Redemption" it is approx. 10 tracks long. Well that is all for tonight. Have a good one.



Sorry again for the lack of updates!...
The last couple of days have been quite interesting for sure. Well at least 2 out of the last 3 days have been somewhat interesting.
On Monday we knocked out a lot of horn and vocal work and we got a nice little chunk of the brainwreck EP done!... On Tuesday we laid down Ben's back-up vocals to
"No Speed Limit" and we did some initial gang vocal parts to be the back-bone for when we actually need the gang vocals for the entire GANG of gang vocals for the album
One of these days coming up we are going to have to get all of our friends together and throw down some real GANG vocals. Joey, Ben and I just stood around the mic and
shouted as loud as we could and as bro-core as we could to make it sound like we were more like 10 people instead of 3... but in the end it should end up sounding like
50-100 people shouting the gang parts instead!.. Well we got through all of that and then I packed up and headed back to Hamilton and waltzed on down to Galaxy CD's and
watched a few bands play a nice little show. One of the bands was all the way from New Jersey which was neat, not something that happens in the town of Hamilton every day...
Wednesday was all kinds of crap, I woke up and I was super depressed and didn't really want to do anything at all the entire day, I just kinda watched a bit of cartoon network,
played Nintendo DS until 9:00 or so and then popped some pills and passed out for a very, very long time.

I woke up today at about 1:00pm and I felt pretty good, I had a nice brunch of sorts and then I started playing trumpet for a bit, I warmed up some guitar and sang a bit got my
voice ready for recording. I ended up laying down all of the lead vocals for "Post Tour Stress Disorder" which I uploaded to the main page for you (Skakills.com)! After that I
played a bit of keyboard and did some more trumpet work until it got late enough where it is time to be kind to neighbors and quiet my ass down for the night. I'm about to go
biking for a bit and then go to sleep for a while when I get back and try to get up in the morning, set my alarm for 7:00 am so I can actually be productive tomorrow. And maybe I'll
start looking for a job again since my previous series of applications did not go over so well. Oh life, you silly goose... Uhh yeah... see ya tomorrow probably.



Today has been quite a workout so far. Woke up this morning around 8am and came downstairs to a bunch of partied out people who didn't want to budge at all, I guess
I missed out on the good stuff? But anyway... I fired up the coffee maker and had myself a good cup of JOEEEEEEE! Spent the first hour and a half or so laying down
the trumpet for the rest of the tracks on Theres No Speed Limit and then soon after Ben spent about an hour or so trying to lay down the trombone for "Long Way to Go"
for the Brainwreck EP. After that I spent at least an hour doing all the main and harmony vocals for the first track on the Brain EP. Since then we took a lunch break
and now I'm working on mixing the Speed Limit record a bit until about 4PM then I'll record some other things for the Brain songs... Probably some scratch guitar and
maybe vocals for a couple of songs. I uploaded a rough mix of Teddy Bears for ya on the main site!... Alright, back to work!

Wow, it has certainly been a long time since I've been able to update this thing,
well last Friday I was unable to post anything as I was really busy packing up to come down to Newport Kentucky to record some tracks for these albums that are
in prduction. So I never really got any sleep between Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th. My friend Amanda came and picked me up and we drove down to Ben's house,
dropped off equipment, food and clothes then went over to the Mad Hatter in Newport. I had a few drinks and I was already ready to fall asleep so I went outside,
got really sick and fell asleep on the stairs in the front. Luckily, Steve, Ben's dad was able to bring me back to the house where I slept for a lot longer.
The entire Saturday of the 6th of August was a terrible waste, I felt like hell and laid in the bed upstairs for most of the day, I got to watch the Girl Next Door
and Talledega Nights for the first time in 5 years (Blabla crazy how time flies huh? blabla) Finally got some sleep that night then woke up super early on the 7th
of August. I felt a little better but still didn't have any sleep, I watched Adventure Time for like 3 hours on the DVR then went downstairs and started working a
little bit on music, I was pretty jacked up on coffee so I was also kind of absent minded and didn't really get much work done, Ben came down and we sang some songs
together and it was kinda fun and then Desiree and Scott showed up and we hung out with them for a while then I went to sleep for a real long time.
Monday I was kind of starting to feel better and I was determined that SOME work was going to get done. I put together all of the drum tracks for the Brainwreck EP
then started doing some rough guitars, some of it sounds ok enough to keep, some definitely not, we were never able to find a way for Luke to come down to record the
bass and that has been a bummer but eventually we will get it together on there. Tuesday was all kinds of bad, I never could find a way to go to sleep and I was
having some serious chills and some mad headaches that were pretty relentless, I don't remember ever leaving the bed for more than 20-30 minutes at a time to shower
and eat, I was just sick as a dog and practicing/recording was completely out of the question, a bit of a step back...
Wednesday I was feeling a little bit better, I picked up the trumpet for a little bit and played a little bit of guitar, it was still really hard to do both because
I was so light headed and felt so weak. I loaded up hardcore on medication then slept for hours and hours until around noonish on Thursday when I jumped up out of bed,
cleaned up the room a bit, grabbed some food, a shower and then we FINALLY got to recording some stuff. We recorded horns for 6ish tracks from the Atomic Potato's
"Speed Limit Album" and they even sound better than the stuff we recorded in the studio (Those sessions were abysmal) We stopped around 6pm and hung out for a bit,
had a couple beers, went to Kroger, picked up some more groceries for the week, then headed home, watched Wilfred, Louie then passed out. On Friday, I woke up about
7:30 am and I thought "Yes!, this is wonderful, a great oppurtunity to get some serious recording done!" Well we got to work around 10:00am, knocked out the rest of the
tracks for Speed Limit on trombone and we took a lunch break then I started feeling really tired around 1PM or so (I think it was the sleep aid I had been taking) well I
slept until after 5pm then went downstairs and hung out with Scott for a bit and we watched a little bit of TV and some more people showed up (Ben, Joey, Travis).
We walked down to the liquor store picked up a few drink (I had some mudslides) then we grilled out at the house and played halo for a while until around 9:30pm when
people started leaving. We watched this movie called "Super" that came out independently earlier this year... It has Rainn Wilson and Ellen Paige in it and they are
amazing in it. The movie did kind of make me really depressed towards the end but I won't give anything away, its worth checking out if you are into graphic superhero
movies, it has some really demented humor in it and some extreme sexual content so be wary. Today I'm feeling ok, I still need to get something to eat and shower so I
can get into the swing of things I got up real late today (After 2:00pm, I need to learn how to sleep without this Aid stuff although it has made GOING to sleep no problem
whatsoever!) I might update "I Hate Music" blog tonight. Next update should not be in 9 days!!! Sorry!



Another day, another dollar... right? Not so sure about the dollar part but it is another day. Last night working really hard on some mixes and I wasn't even
done until around 7 in the friggin morning!... I got about 5 and a half hours of sleep and the first part of my day was a huge slugfest. I did manage to get to
the grocery store and do my first real all vegan shopping trip. I just found out how awesome Silk is!... Now for tonight, I have a lot on my plate, I'm going to
attempt and get all the drums mixed and ready to go for the next week of sessions and try to get the amped guitars mixed down. Now, I'm going to try something pretty
cool that I have done before and Atomic Potato did this on the Life is Grand EP where we blended guitar tones, we played through the mixer and recorded both the signal
and what came out the amp and then recorded it back through the amp using different tones and in the end we picked the best ones, sometimes we even blended the guitar
tones to make a richer sound overall. The guitar tracks I managed to squeeze out last night sounded really harsh so I put them way low in the mix and Eq'd them to be
really dark sounding. I'm hoping to get the song "00:00 (time... sucks)" all done on guitar tonight and get a lot of horn work done. I do believe my clicking/popping
woes are all sorted out *crosses fingers*, and tracking has/will become 1,000 times less stressful and less of me screaming "WHAT THE FUCK!?" out and freaking out my
neighbors more than I probably already do.
Last nights review is up the I hate music blog! Expect tonight's to be up a little bit later.
I got to listen to the Wixson EP all the way through and the new Billion Ernies songs, they all kicked a bunch of ass and were some great comic relief in the middle
of some insanely stressful and emotionally draining practicing and mixing sessions.



Last night I was able to track guitars and vocals for 2 songs for the new EP that I'm going to put out by the end of the month. But I had
some really big issues with the playback and sometimes my tracks would skip or dropout, effectively ruining the performances so I'm probably going
to end up scrapping those sessions unfortunately (sadface). I'm spending a bit of time right now setting up my review blog. On it I will be asking people
what album by a band I should listen to and do a quick review each night. I will probably do video blogs as well so I can keep things FUN. I mean,
it is supposed to be fun, right?... The majority of the next couple hours will pretty much be spent trying to resolve my recording pop/click/dropout
woes. It is going to be an adventure! Not as awesome as Finn and Jake's but it will be a time of sorts. In a couple days I should be heading down to Newport,
Kentucky and spending a few days trying to finish recording some tracks with Ben and hopefully some more peeps that we can get down there.


I decided that I'm going to go new Music A-Z by artist. Click here for the blog,
I will have my review posted for today (8/3) by the end of the night.


Today is a new day and that means new stuff to work on as usual. I'm going to go back and rework kinks for the song "Long Way to go"
This version should end up sounding a lot better than the demo I'm hoping with cleaner/clearer (as clear as they can get with an SM57)
vocals. And hopefully I'll have time to get the horns laid down. I really don't want to use direct line guitar ever again unless I have
a special part of a song where I can get a real nice effect from it, never for pure tone because it drives me crazy even though they can be
pretty convincing sometimes. I did a better job last night at trying to cut off work before too late although I was still up til after 4:00am
I really need to figure out how to get my days started earlier, it would be much more efficient and less stressful, also I'd get a lot more done!
Mixing is a pain, it seems like no matter how much I change the levels, EQ, compress, and... whatever it feels like I can never be happy with the
way that something sounds or something needs to be louder or something needs to not be heard so much but nothing I would remove completely of course!
If all goes according to plan, all of the AB EP tracks will be done on my end and I'll just need Luke and Ben to make their parts happen before the end
of next week. Tonight I WILL be reviewing an album I've never heard before, it won't be anything professional or anything, just a short review to keep
myself listening to new things and not oversaturating myself with punk and ska music. This is going to be interesting...


And just like that, it is August. Crap. Well I do believe that July was definitely a huge turnaround for me.
I finished a new demo for the song "1989" yesterday, it turned out semi-ok it'll need parts added to it of course.
Sometime here in the next couple weeks we definitely need to get some real bass and trombone slapped on to these tracks.
and, of course finish up the damn speed limit record ! hah! And of course, I missed the first album review maybe I'll get time tonight!
The goal for today is to mainly record clean lead vocals for all of the AB EP tracks and maybe some guitars. Everything will be revamped
from the demos and exported to Pro-Tools to be mixed because it all sounds too cluttered right now. My trumpet still needs cleaned,
I swear I WILL listen to the BTMI album while reading the lyrics tonight! And then listen to those Wixson and Ernies tracks.
Hoping the art will all be done for AB EP tonight, I got caught up in mixing so much last night that I was still working until after 3am!


Hey there, well I'm about to get working on some trumpet stuff... The song I'm mainly working on is called "1989" and it is
From the 2nd full length Atomic Potato record codename "WKRS?" Yeah, I know the first full length album isn't officially out yet..
But it is coming soon, trust me, we're going to be working on it and the goal is to finish all the parts and master it by the end of August.
Coming up soon I'll be listening to a new album I've never heard before every night and writing a small review after I finish listening,
If I run out of time in a day for whatever reason, I will obviously have to skip a night but the goal is to keep hearing new music until I
get absolutely sick of it.
That is all for today, oh yeah and I recorded my first fully Pro-tools demo yesterday it sounds pretty decent for once! I'm gettin better at
this stuff, I swear! XD


In the search for meaning that defines human life, nothing is more terrifying than actually finding what you’re looking for.
Today I slept in hella late. I'm still kind of feeling sluggish but I'm trying to get crackin asap. I've got a lot of art to work on,
I've got some tabs to work on and at some point I'm going to listen to the new BTMI album again while reading the lyrics, heh.
I'm also meaning to listen to 2 Billion Ernies tracks and the Matt Wixson EP.
Oh yeah, and I really need to clean my trumpet, it needs a bath bad. Hell, I need a bath!...


Well another day that kind of went down the crapper. I started writing around 4am and didn't stop until about 2 in the afternoon.
I did, however manage to get my e-mail inbox consolidated with some nifty folders to keep old important stuff in.
I just finished recording trumpet for Luke's song "Works" and that mission is complete! Hopefully I'll get more songs to learn and record soon :)
I'm starting to really get a handle on the horn again, jumping up octaves and whatnot are not totally killing me like they were about 4 weeks ago.
I'm reinstalling Pro-Tools so I can get right back into finishing editing the Speed Limit album and then move right on to WKRS.
I'm going to be coming out with a little thing here soon and I need to learn how 2 use bandcamp and you can ..uhh.. enjoy it? I guess.

I got a little tumblr goin - http://rsfable.tumblr.com So there will be updates here and there and maybe I'll repost these on Myspace?
But probably not...


Tried sleeping around 9:30 last night... it lasted til not short of 2am.. So hopefully I can get a nap in at some point this morning before I start working
Probably going to go back and edit quite a bit today...
Planning on add vocals to 2 tracks that haven't been worked on in over a year!...
Going to work on the SkanStuff song by Luke Shows.
Thinking about working on a combo cover song by 2 of my favorite artist/bands/friends
I really need to clean out my G-mail inbox... 4044 is a LOT of unread mail that are mostly just ads that I need to unsubscribe from.
Oh yeah...
Tyler Lee.

He's bad mood food.


New blog incoming tomorrow.


It has been a year since the brainwreck.

January-June? Ha